IT Financing

Financing Solutions IT & C in less than 24 hours.

STOREWEB Group, stands by juridical persons and authorized individuals, giving them a way to quick financing for IT&C.

Financing Program Benefits :

- Creditworthiness of the company is not affected if renting
- renting does not require a loan or leasing, cases in which the indebtedness of the company would increase.
- Providing electronic equipment included - Short covering specific risk type, induction, overvoltage etc.
- Minimal set of required documents;
- Deposit 0% Financing;
- Equipment lease - total rent bills are deductible;
- Quarterly payments - bank charges reduced and simplified accounting management
- Saving the working capital of the company;
- General liquidity and immediate improvement of the company - the contracting for a credit line is not required.

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financing conditions

Eligible customers:

- Legal entities
- Authorized individuals, including liberal professions: notary offices, law firms, architects offices, medical offices.

- The minimum value of the contract: 500 Euro without VAT
- Advance 0%
- Telecommunications equipment
- Contract period: 12-60 months

Categories of eligible goods:

- IT and office equipment (PCs, laptops, monitors, equipment for copying and printing)
- Software
- Telecommunications equipment
- Surveillance Systems / Security

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